eMMC / eMCP / UFS Training

  • Teacher
    Feroz Sir
    Faculty | +15 Year Experience
  • Teacher
    Milan Sir
    Faculty | +15 Year Experience

Course Features

  • Duaration : 10 days
  • Course : EMMC/EMCP/UFS Training
  • Practical Classes : Full Day
  • Students : 50
Fees : 25000 Enroll Now
25000/- Fees    10 days  

1. Deeply knowledge in UFI, Easy Jtag, UFS


3. How to Change EMMC/EMCP in Newly Set

4. EMMC/EMCP/UFS Chip Programming

5. Reballing, Remounting Mobile glue IC (white/Black Pasted)

6. How to remove hard black pasted EMMC & CPU in Easy Way

7. Safe Trick to remove hard black paste on working expensive mobile

8. Easy Trick to re-installing / remounting all IC like CPU / EMMC on PCB

9. Offline Flashing - Latest MI / OPPO

10. Full Shorting & Half Shorting in 5 Sec Remove –Easy Tricks-New


Live Class Emmc Pro - Fresher Student work on Black Pasted - Honest Review Practical Section 29 Nov

Student  Live Video 

Hii All Students .... knowlage Msg For All Students listen to Care Fully

Student Review with Practical work 


1. As you may have seen in practice, you are stuck on 60% of mobile people.

2. 80 to 70 milliampere, what will you do on the stock.

3.Every 2nd or 3rd mobile is online at Dally Shop?

4. In the case of security corruption, is a logo hanging?
Solution -Emmc

5. Partition gets corrupted when flashing time on mobile file gets corrupted
Solution -Emmc

6.16 to 32 if you want to upgrade the ROM. 32 to 64?

7.Dead phone backup data, board swapping?

Lifetime free visit - If there is any doubt, you can join the class without giving any fee and you can also mobile for repair.

Daily 10 Hour Class with Latest Tool  

Life Time Instant calling support (Toll-Free Number 1800-103-7001) For Student only

 Call for Training (eMMC) - 7000731192/9644139972

1. Fresher is also allowed

2. India 1st UFS Chip Training Institute

3. Lifetime Particles Backup Support by Team-Viewer and groups

4. anytime visit again with any doubt (No Fee for Life Time)

5. Bring 20 faulty mobile related EMMC/EMCP/UFS/Half-Full Short

6. 12 Hour Particle’s Class – No Copy pen Allowed

7. Advance lab with high end tool experience 

Student Output 


Student Review - After Class  Why AsiaTelecom Best 


Q1. How to Change EMMC ?

Q2. How to repair dead EMMC ?

Q3. How to dislabe CPU Hardware ID?

Q4. How to flashing Offline Mi/OPPO?

Q5. How to Make ISP For New Latest?

Q6. How to Use UFI / Jtag / UFS?

Q7. India No1 - 12 Hour No Copy Pen?

Q8. Join Now - 5 / 15th every Month? 

Student Last Day Experience 



Comming New Batch


Full Course - 10 days
Only Training Fees & One Time Fees
We Understand if any doubt & not clear some point visit again any time.


After Completing training, You will be able to perform CPU Swaping, Ofline Work like Flashing ,Unlocking,Emmc Repair, Flashing error clear etc.

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